Yoga at Amour Soul Space

75 min Vinyasa Flow 


Yoga is the perfect synergy between body, mind, and spirit. It is a personal commitment to the relationship with others, to social relations with others and to the environment in the relationship with everything that surrounds us, today more than ever. It is above all observation and listening to oneself, through instruments such as posture, breathing, concentration, but it is also our daily experience with full awareness of what we are doing. Then we can overcome our mental and behavioural rigidity to begin a process of transformation because we can finally "see" and "feel".

90 Min DeROSE Method


DeRose Method combines techniques and concepts that develop better overall human performance and more quality of life. The practice takes the practitioner far beyond the initial benefits of health, strength, flexibility, balance and body-awareness towards the greater goals of expanded consciousness and self-knowledge. DeRose Method programs develop both fundamental skills (concentration, meditation, breathing, body awareness, strength, flexibility, balance, movement coordination, etc) and soft skills (emotional quotient, self-motivation, conflict resolution, stress & energy management, personal efficiency, good nutrition, decision making, etc).