We are so thankful for your interest in bringing your work to Amour Soul Space dear soul.

Below are how we work our partnerships with our teachers in our healing space.

Rental Terms

Event/Special Class fees: €15 per hour includes entire studio & equipment
Class/Space Split (for repeat offerings only): 30% to house 70% to teacher (excluding €5/Soul Space Amour Members which 100% goes to teachers)


*If no one shows to a class there is no payment required to the space. If you cancel reserved dates for anything other than illness for your class or event booking you will be responsible for our full hourly rate for the time you blocked off.

Our memberships are €25 locals or €35 non-local/Month in which members then receive all basic classes (excludes one off events and special classes) for €5 which goes direct to the teacher.

What we provide:

-Online advertising through our website & facebook pages

-A private studio for your class work with separate garden entrance, yoga matts, candles/incense, and bluetooth speaker.

What we don’t provide:

-Kitchen space - if you’re in need of kitchen space please book it with us via the upstairs guest house in advance

- Dedicated attendees, we are still a new yoga studio so our teachers are responsible to bring their class attendees

-Print materials for your class

What to give us to book the space:

E-mail hi@kirbyamour.com with:

-Dates/times you wish to reserve
-Class Description
-Image for class advert
-Bio of teacher
-Teacher photo
-Once date is confirmed via email please create an individual event for your class (not a repeat booking even if there’s multiple days) tagging Amour Soul Space as the location and co-host on facebook.

All our teachers are welcome to leave print advertising in the studio table entrance

We look forward to working with you!