Special Events

Yoga at Amour Soul Space

75 min Vinyasa Flow 


Yoga is the perfect synergy between body, mind, and spirit. It is a personal commitment to the relationship with others, to social relations with others and to the environment in the relationship with everything that surrounds us, today more than ever. It is above all observation and listening to oneself, through instruments such as posture, breathing, concentration, but it is also our daily experience with full awareness of what we are doing. Then we can overcome our mental and behavioural rigidity to begin a process of transformation because we can finally "see" and "feel".

90 Min DeROSE Method


DeRose Method combines techniques and concepts that develop better overall human performance and more quality of life. The practice takes the practitioner far beyond the initial benefits of health, strength, flexibility, balance and body-awareness towards the greater goals of expanded consciousness and self-knowledge. DeRose Method programs develop both fundamental skills (concentration, meditation, breathing, body awareness, strength, flexibility, balance, movement coordination, etc) and soft skills (emotional quotient, self-motivation, conflict resolution, stress & energy management, personal efficiency, good nutrition, decision making, etc).

Meditation Sessions at Amour Soul Space


1 Hour

Our Soul Coaching based meditations take our member’s on journeys to hear our soul’s truth through visualizations and relaxation techniques. We’ll visit nature, our spirit guides, and our unconscious mind in our time together leaving the attendees relaxed and refreshed.

Movie Nights at Amour Soul Space


Come join us for one of our weekly movie nights! Held in the studio pull up a yoga mat, grab blanket and some of our free popcorn and get cozy!

Red Tents in Ericeira


Red Tents are a global movement of women coming together and finding time to just be where they are, meet other women in their community and enjoy the opportunity to share in a deeper way than they might usually do.

Women have gathered each other in tents for a long time, especially those who were menstruating, as connecting to other women during their cycles has been considered a powerful healing process. These red tents provided a lot of support to women. In those tents, women made use of the healing arts such as dancing, crafting, storytelling, painting, and spiritual practices. The purpose of these tents was to create a community among women who wanted to know more about themselves and gain the wisdom of elder women and others in their circle. We plan to embrace this sacred practice of gathering monthly on the full moon at Amour Soul Space. It's FREE to attend just please bring a dish or snack to share with the group.