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Yoga Kids


 This course is about to play Yoga in a very relaxed environment. It is about to bring the ancient tradition of this art and science of living to kids in order to make them happy and develop the instruments so they can keep the happiness in their lives.

            Yoga for kids is a very important subject once their going through growth. In this phase the body can experience lots of imbalances and Yoga is there to minimize all of those uncomfortable feelings: from imbalances between mental and vital fields – by the release of hormones in their blood –, or between thyroid and adrenals glands, to disruptive behaviors like anger and violence. The practice of Yoga has only benefits to deliver like relaxing the emotions, increasing abilities to concentrate and remember, and strengthening the lungs with breathing techniques.

            The classes will be run in playful environment with mantrasasanas, pranayamas(breathing techniques), and relaxation in one hour of delightful happiness.

            This course is adequate to kids from 4 to 12 years old.        

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