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Soul Sharing Circle March: Sacred Sexuality

Suggested exchange for our circle: 11 Euros

With deeper awareness also comes a different perception of sexuality. Sexuality is not just an encounter between two people, it is a deep exchange of energetics. Many ancient traditions perceived it as a sacred tool and a way to connect with the divine.

On your awakening journey you will encounter sexual experiences that might be nothing like the ones you used to have. Such examples are: that you might feel another person’s arousal even when they are not physically present or their arousal within your body, you might have merging experiences with a twin flame or sacred partner in the astral realms, you might experience different orgasmic experiences over the heart or crown or the whole body, you might be able to see or perceive the energetics of you partner and the sexual exchange like seeing energy move in or out of you, you might go through phases in which you don’t feel like being sexual at all or other phases in which sexuality becomes an important part of your spiritual and healing journey.

You might meet people where sexuality has karmic ties, becomes part of a code exchange, or becomes instrumental to one’s awakening. With divine counterparts you might completely change your ways of sexual relating.

One of the most important experiences in many conscious relationships is that intimacy replaces any form of performance that many felt obliged to show in prior relationships. Intimacy requires honesty and openness, sometimes provoking you to suddenly become aware of your own vulnerabilities, or how much you have kept others at a distance, or shutting down to protect yourself.

In our March circle we would love to hear about your sharings, experiences of sexuality, and the feelings that come with it. How has sexuality (and treating it as sacred) contributed to your own growth? How do you choose your sexual partners? Is it different than it used to be? Any energetic exchanges that feel completely new to you?

We look forward to sitting with you in our precious circle on March 8th, 2019, only at Amour Soul Space in Ericeira.

Much love! Maja and Evelyn

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Who holds the circles? On Evelyn and Maja:

Evelyn is a modern mystic, combining the sacred and traditional teachings of Yoga with her own awakening knowledge and a very strong spiritual and psychic guidance. She has lived in India for 4 years and is a certified Yoga teacher, teacher trainer, Vedic chant teacher and Yoga therapist in the Viniyoga tradition. Her main intention is to assist people in finding back to the guidance of their own souls and hearts, to unlock soul purposes and to empower people to step into their own creation abilities. Evelyn's frequencies clear and purify fields and take out densities, helping you feel clearer and more in tune with your own guidance.

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Maja is an intuitive mentor, seer, Language of Light emissary, Sacred Union codes keeper and New Earth frequency holder. She supports those on the path of awakening and ascension in recognizing, activating and integrating their gifts into everyday life. Through the exceptionally high vibration she carries, she creates a safe space for you to simply be you.

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...••• Who are Soul Sharing Circles for? •••...

This is for you if you’ve been experiencing some of the following changes on a soul, physical and/or emotional level.

You feel that you suddenly want to change your life, the job that you have, your relationship, the place where you live. The way that you have lived your life so far suddenly seems empty and meaningless. You feel you have changed, but you can't really grasp in which way.

You feel a deep inner calling to be of service and a change-maker in this world.

Some people refer to this sudden wake up call as a spiritual awakening, others say it is the beginning of your ascension journey, a process of remembering who you truly are on a soul level and what you came here to do.

Our earth has been changing her frequency in the past years and as a result more and more people go through these kind of spiritual awakenings. Also, our earth is calling for those who are meant to bring change to this world.

That change of frequency in the earth is also the reason why you might be noticing energetic and spiritual changes, such as spiritual gifts opening up and/ or your empathy becoming so strong that you start feeling and transmuting other people's’ energy.

Large groups will therefore start to make you feel tired. Your senses might change and you become more perceptive, as examples you might suddenly see colours around people or see their energetic fields, you might hear different sounds, you might not tolerate strong chemical smells anymore and even your taste might change - you might start craving different foods and as a consequence your weight might fluctuate, too.

You will find that even if you have been outgoing you will suddenly need more time alone and in nature to feel balanced and good. You might also start to connect to nature or animals in a completely new way, you might appreciate small things much more.

On a deeper level, you feel that your soul is calling and guiding you home. You might feel as if you have conversations with your higher self.

At the same time, you might be able ‘to do’ and ‘produce’ much less in a day - because the work is happening inwardly. Physical activity that you used to do might become too much for your body.

...••• What do we offer you in our circles? •••...

Understanding and acceptance. Connection to others who are experiencing the same. You will realize you are not the only one experiencing this, you are neither crazy nor suddenly becoming lazy and your body is not broken or sick.

You are instead going through a powerful inner transformation - a shift to the next level of frequency. This is happening, because you are ready to completely upgrade your life - and for that a complete collapse of the old, of what you know as normal, is necessary. So that the new can emerge.

We have both gone through it and have worked and are working with people who were and are experiencing it, so we can support you in surfing the waves of this change. You will start being in a circle in which you are held and supported through your experience.

We appreciate you and the service work that you do for this planet and the collective. This earth needs awakened human beings more than anything and so we want to thank you from our heart for being part of this change for a new earth.

Welcome to our circle!

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