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Healing Mantra Circle

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The Vedas are the ancient sacred texts of India. These texts are what is called „apaurusheya“, it means they were not made by humankind, but "received" in deep states of meditation by the Rishis, the ancient seers and sages.

The Vedas therefore contain source knowledge and were received in Sanskrit, a divine language that reveals itself over the experience of it’s sound. This sound touches us on all layers of our being.

Over the centuries, Vedic mantras had to be recited in a very particular way to connect us and emulate the exact same vibration or frequency that the Rishis had „heard“ and to therefore not lose their power. The Rishis wanted to share their experiences and let us feel what they felt. These mantras are therefore still chanted in the same way as centuries ago

Many of the mantras of the Vedas are deeply healing in the sense that they reconnect us to our spiritual core, awaken our spirit and energy body and bring us back to ourselves. They make us feel whole again, centered and integrated. They calm the mind and enable us to go beyond rational thought.

Mantra comes from the term "mananat trayate iti mantrah"- by reciting it, it protects. Mantras remind us not through intellect, but through feeling what being whole and awakened actually means.

In this beautiful circle, we will chant together ancient healing chants from the Vedas once per month. Each session we will go together through another chant.

In this beautiful month of March we will start with a chant that discusses the different layers of the human template, from the material body, over the energy body to the innermost part of who you are: joy and infinite expansion.

The chant was written by TKV Desikachar in reference to one of the Upanishads (Taittiriya, a part of the Vedas) in which a parent discusses with his son the true nature of our existence and this chant is the perfect introduction to Vedic Chanting and our circle.

I look forward to experience those sacred sounds with you.


Costs: 11 Euros! (Members 5)

Our Healing Mantra circle is held by Eve Einhaeuser, a modern ancient, a Yoga teacher, Yoga therapist, Vedic Chant teacher and Teacher Trainer of the Viniyoga Yoga tradition ( Evelyn is also an energy healer and combines all of her knowledge to help people awaken into the totality of who they are.

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Photography credit: James Owen/ Unsplash

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