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Contemplative Vocal Practice in Ericeira

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Attention <–> Intention <–> Breathing <–> Sound <–> Silence

Our mind usually is restless and noisy, sometimes it makes so much noise that it is difficult to distinguish the dialogues that happen in it. Through this practice we seek to work the disordered mental movement towards the awareness and organization of this movement: “we combat”, in vocal meditation, the mental noise with conscious sound!

As with other yogic systems, you need to start from where you are, choose the right tools for balancing the trigunas (sattva-rajas-tamas), awaken prana and direct it through attention in one direction. .

And it is along this path that deep sound can be heard, manifested, vibrated; and eventually an internal environment is created that makes it possible to realize that the silence that was sought so much has always been there.

Participation is open to all and the contribution is from 10 to 15 Euros, according to your possibility.

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