Wanting to bring your work or events to Amour Soul Space?
We never take a percentage of your fees for your sessions and do advertising for you!


  • 5 Practice Hours in either Studio, Shop main space, or private practice room for one on one clients OR events

  • €5 per hour rental rate after monthly allowance

  • Inclusion on shop’s “wall of fame” for customer advertising

  • Advertising in shop print materials

  • Walk in bookings

  • 1 Sauna/Steam Room Session per month

  • Unlimited Classes for €5 per class (excludes special events and workshops)


We look forward to working with you!


  • Memberships are for duration of agreement months no matter location of practitioner or hours actually used

  • All time is rounded to the nearest hour - there are no 30 min slots offered

  • Monthly hours need to be used for the current month and can not roll over, be credited or saved for following months

  • If booked time is canceled for anything other than illness it will be deducted from your monthly count

  • All hour rental over your monthly allowance will need to be paid in advance upon booking

  • Prior to being able to book hours in the space you will be asked to provide all requested documents for legal and advertising purposes, please email us Hi@KirbyAmour.com to request this list after purchasing your membership