"Ceremony focuses attention so that attention become intention"

- Robin Wall Kimmerer

Downloadable Soul Journeys

(Guided Meditations)


.:. At Home Medicine Ceremonies .:.

We are our own best healers. With each ceremony you receive a video guide, downloadable sound recording of the specialised soul journey, and materials list to create a sacred healing session within your own space & time. 

Ceremony is sacred - but it doesn't need to be woo-woo. It's about gifting yourself the time and holding space for yourself to grow and learn from your individual life experience. 

Life Purpose & Direction
 We all feel "stuck" at times and wonder if we're on the right path. Use this ritual to receive guidance and understanding giving you confidence in your next steps.  

Female Trauma Recovery 
We use this ritual to activate healing in the body. Our body talks to us, this ritual will help you listen and align after trauma old or new.

 Ritual to tap into your own best mother within for self care or and release the best parent from within for outward action.
 Your kids will thank you.

Asking for What You Need
Want to finally land that dream job/home/partner? Whatever the dream is, use this ceremony to manifest your best life.

Watch a video about my ceremonies here

All ceremonies will take the participants 45-60 mins to complete. They can be done privately as an individual or within a group setting. Each ceremony is £15 for 2 month access. 

Personalised Online Medicine Ceremony 

Personalised Medicine Ceremony
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Personalised Medicine Ceremony

Have a situation you’re needing more guidance and support on? Have a tricky decision to make? Or maybe you have that special thing you want to attract or milestone to celebrate? Personalised medicine ceremonies are a great way to bring in modern day alchemy into your life.

Each Ceremony consists of:
.:.Ceremony written just for your needs
.:.Video guide with step by step directions
.:.Guided Soul Journey
.:.Personal Tarot Card Reading
.:.Materials List

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