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Copper Toxicity is a growing epidemic in the modern world more times than not caused by the use of the IUD also known as the Coil. Women are fed false information everyday that the  IUD is a safe birth control option when it's making our women and children sick. 

Sign the pledge now to remove your IUD and spread awareness about Copper Toxicity helping women everywhere take back power of their bodies and health! 

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Messages from fellow pledges...

.:. I had mine removed February 1st 2018. It completely made my life 100% better. Please get yours out now! #notinmypussy - Charlotte, United States

.:. Let our voices be so loud women no longer trust a doctor’s word over their own intuition ️ Let our voices be so loud the dangers and risks are as obvious as the potential benefits of an IUD. - Kelsey, United States

.:. Dear copper sisters, We have been deceived by pharm companies. It's time for us to take justice into our hands and to contribute spreading awareness about copper toxicity. 
Join the cause! - Florencia, Argentina

.:. I am getting my IUD removed tomorrow after having it for 1.5 years. Thank you to every lady who shared their story and made me feel SO MUCH less alone after I started experiencing side effects from copper overdose. I am looking forward to detoxing and feeling more empowered about my body. Xo - Anna, United States

 I had my copper IUD removed and I feel so much better. Doctors in the Netherlands pretend that it is not possible. They have said for two years that my copper spiral has no connection with my complaints (psychological and physical). -Rachella, Netherlands

Getting that IUD was one of the worst decisions of my life. After 5 years of declining health, I reclaimed my body by having it removed in March 2016. Don’t believe people who tell you there are no side effects! #notmypussy - Kate, United States

 I recently tried to get my copper IUD removed. They removed most of it but there is still a piece of plastic stuck in the wall of cervix. I've had one surgery to try to remove it, but it failed. Will have to go back for another surgery in a couple of months. Only after I tried to remove the IUD did I learn about copper toxicity, and it answered so many of questions. I am not realizing I was suffering from too much copper in my body, and I have only begun to heal this past week.  - Sheila, United States

 Tired of everyone else telling me what to put in my body when I disagree. - Cassandra, United States

Copper toxicity is real. - Mecy, Africa

 I am two and a half years post (embedded) removal and just now starting to feel like a human again. Suffered hair loss,extreme anxiety, increased migraines, breast lumps, lost device, vertigo, just to name a few symptoms. Not to mention I have two blood clotting disorders, and a history of ovarian and uterine cancers in my immediate family, and should have never been a candidate for the Mirena! -Jodi, United State

 I removed my copper IUD and got my life back. When I had it I could only feel sadness and anger. I had so much pain all the time and felt so depressed. I lost myself and it could have ended my relationship with the love of my life. To get the IUD removed was the best decision of my life. My boyfriend says that he has gotten the girl he fell in love with back and I feel such a change in my whole body. Now I'm able to feel love and joy again. Get that poison out women! - Cajsas, Sweden

 I got my copper IUD removed after 10 months of a living hell in which both my physical and mental health were shattered into bits. The doctors kept telling me that my issues "could not" be related to my Paragard IUD but once I finally figured it out and had it removed the very next day, my problems started going away IMMEDIATELY! It was literally like a switch being flipped. My debilitating anxiety was almost completely gone by the time I left the clinic after removal. My hair which had been falling out by the fistfuls, stopped falling out on the second day after removal and on the third night I was able to sleep for the first time in over 6 months. Listen to what your body is trying to tell you!

As part of my recovery I started IUD Awareness which is meant to be a hub where all of our stories and efforts can be heard.www.iudawareness.org and on facebook www.facebook.com/iudawareness.

The IUD Side Effects support group that I joined then when it had 1,800 members has now grown to over 12,500 members and is a great place to find tips on recovery. www.facebook.com/groups/iudsideeffects - Tamara, United States

This thing destroyed me from the inside out! Doctors lack of awareness of this issue astounds me! Love to all the fellow ladies affected by this awful device! Love and healing to you all! -Emily, Canada

 My 5 years of hell ended July 12, 2018 with a total hysterectomy because of the many symptoms I didn’t have before the copper iud. Now I’m hoping for a chance to have my body back under control. - Katheryn, United States