In a world where Eastern practices are ever popular for alternative healing at Amour Soul Space and through Kirby Amour’s practitioner work, we strive to offer sacred western ceremony and ritual as a form of modern medicine. Through our Soul Coaching® Services (rooted in native tradition and themes) and Medicine Ceremony offerings we hope to introduce more people to these ancient healing practices while honoring our ancestral lineages as healers.


“Native American healing is largely based on the idea that all living things are interconnected and that the mind, body, and spirit of humans are not to be treated separately. Spirituality is at the core of the human condition and must be treated along with the physical ailments that arise. Literature revealing the practices of Native Americans in the United States has not been plentiful. Only in the last thirty years has it become acceptable in all states to study and practice these healing methods. Recently, mainstream professional associations have addressed Native American healing as a valid alternative medicine discipline.”*