In a world where Eastern practices are ever popular for alternative healing at Amour Soul Space and through my practitioner work, we strive to offer sacred western ceremony and ritual as a form of modern medicine. Through my Soul Coaching® Services (rooted in native tradition and themes) and Medicine Ceremony offerings I hope to introduce more people to these ancient healing practices while honouring our ancestral lineages as healers.


“Native American healing is largely based on the idea that all living things are interconnected and that the mind, body, and spirit of humans are not to be treated separately. Spirituality is at the core of the human condition and must be treated along with the physical ailments that arise. Literature revealing the practices of Native Americans in the United States has not been plentiful. Only in the last thirty years has it become acceptable in all states to study and practice these healing methods. Recently, mainstream professional associations have addressed Native American healing as a valid alternative medicine discipline.”*

Price List

*Note: All services available online & in person at our healing space

Personalised Medicine Ceremony + Tarot Card Reading
€75/2-3 Hours Session

Soul Coaching Session (Past Life Regression/Spirit Guides/Answers to Questions)

Soul Coaching 28 Day Programs
€250/6 Weeks (meeting weekly)

Tarot Card Reading

HTMA Testing
€250/ Testing

Post HTMA Test Consult

Copper Toxicity Coaching

Contact to book // PT (+351) 937204343


.:. Coaching // 1on1 Sessions
I work one on one with my clients to dive in and uncover their personal truths and HEAL. Together we use practical hands on techniques to clutter clear their emotional and physical worlds so they can truly live the life they desire. Coaching can be broad support or focused on illness recovery.  

.:. Soul Coaching® // 6 Week Programs
Our 28 Day programs (practiced over an 8 week period) help people move past blocks, discover their purpose, connect with their spirits/bodies, and over all just feel a hell of a lot better about everything by the end of our work together! These sessions are offered both as a group and for individuals 1on1.

.:. Tarot Card Readings
Often times people think tarot cards are to "tell your future" which is a big misunderstanding in the world of card reading. Receiving a reading from me is no more than guidance, shining a light on your inner path and lingering questions - it's about you. Our vibrations and energy as individuals is so powerful, as a card reader I help you use your power to select and interpret the cards you most need to make sense of a current situation and help guide you on your journey.  

.:. Personalised Medicine Ceremony Creation
Medicine Ceremonies are a wonderful way to let go of things you no longer need to carry, get clarity and support on tough situations, and celebrate life's milestones with my personalised guidance and energetic support. We used multiple tools during these sessions included guided meditation (Soul Journeys), Native American Ritual, and Tarot Card Readings to move through a sacred space to activate your healing.

Other ways to work with ME

.:. Workshops & Events
I hold various workshops for groups of people at festivals, events, work places, and parties. I do many different activities with groups including past life soul journey's and creative hands on fun such as making sacred items as a group. Contact me if you're interested in having me at your next event.