Ericeira Healing Collective is a group of healing practitioners that have come together to offer services at both Amour Soul Space and other locations across Ericeira.

Here you will find all the information about this group of change makers.

Ericeira Healing Collective

.:. Aromatherapy

.:. Coaching

.:. Sound & Music Therapy

.:. Energetic Work

.:. Massage Therapy

.:. Thetahealing

.:. Lakota Medicine Wheel

.:. Soul Coaching

.:.Multidimensional Therapy

.:. Yoga Therapy

.:. Natural Lift Facial Massage

.:. Bach Flower Remedies

.:. Yoga

.:. Therapeutic Cooking

.:. Native American Ritual and Ceremony

.:. Reiki

.:. Light Language

.:. Ayurvedic Massage

.:. Intuitive Mentoring

.:. Access Bars


Our Practitioners


Paulo Rodrigues Canas

Joel Zig Faria

Rute Bernardo

Filipa Poeta

Irina Maio

Liliana Fonseca

Rita Afoso

Kirby Amour

Katrin Birkholz

Maja Metlicar

Maja supports lightworkers in recognizing, activating and integrating their gifts into everyday life. She's an intuitive mentor, seer, Language of Light emissary, Sacred Union codes keeper and New Earth frequency holder.

Evelyn Einhaeuser

Our Manifesto

 It’s no coincidence you found us. Trust your guidance.

We are the Ericeira Healing Collective

We are a growing group of individuals from all over the planet, skilled in various healing modalities, who, by birth or by moving, were called to this special and powerful area of Portugal.

We are of different nationalities and cultures with one big thing in common: a heart devoted to sharing our gifts, a life in service of making our world a more loving and harmonious place for all.

Our intention magnetically drew us together and in December 2018 the Collective was formed in Ericeira.

Healing as the return to wholeness

For us healing means the return to wholeness. We don’t see you as sick, incomplete or in need of saving.

Instead we remind you of the truth you already carry within: you are whole and everything you’re looking for is already within you. Real and lasting change - transformation - is within your reach, all you need to do is make a decision.

Because we know you are the only one with the power to heal yourself we don’t see ourselves as healers. We assist, empower and support you on your path of healing.

Through the different practices we offer, you will easily find what suits you. From yoga, yoga therapy, nature therapy, intuitive mentoring and support for lightworkers, soul coaching, ceremony and ritual to sound and music therapy and life coaching.


We come together as equals, there’s no hierarchy within our group.

We all contribute, we listen, we share, we respect, we grow, we trust, we offer space and we hold space, we look within and we create. Together.

The frequency we set for our collective is that of co-creation. We use all of our gifts in balance. We inspire and support each other. We come together to make more than each of us could do by themselves.


We are all based around the area of Ericeira. The land called us and we are grateful to her and to the community here for the support and nourishment we receive every day.


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