Hello Claire, 

Thank you for joining me for your healing. Here you'll find your personalised ceremony in the below video and an audio recording of your soul journey. You are your own best healer - and our souls know what we need if we only stop to listen. With these tools I hope you find what you're looking for. 

You will see a list of materials below for your ceremony. Please take time and care when collecting these sacred items - find items you connect with and feel excited to use. 



*Please note since this recording I have invested in a sound recorder for higher quality sessions

Tools you will need for your ceremony:

San Palto stick
Flowers with thicker Petals (larger Rose Petals or a like flower will do)
Sewing Needle
Six Stones
Candle to mark the start/end of the ceremony



Practical todos for everyday healing

  • Journal about cycles in life, your own, those in nature, and those in other's lives you observe 
  • "Walk in Beauty" - get into nature and think about the beauty within yourself and how it's reflected in the beauty around you
  • Hold yourself accountable for the health of your own thoughts - how are you treating yourself in your own mind? Check in daily. 
  • Teach your children about life cycles - help them find the comfort in them