Testimonials from some of my lovely clients…

Kirby was very friendly, welcoming, and a spiritual person. We had a very great experience with her, and would do it again. She was open, and gave us good advice. We felt like we knew her for such a long time. Our paths crossed for a reason, and I do recommend her if your visiting Brighton. - Abdul

I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this ceremony having never done anything like this before, but Kirby put me at ease from the moment we met. The session went really quickly due to all the different activities she had arranged for us and I left feeling both relaxed and curious to explore more of what we discussed. I highly recommend giving this ceremony a try, you’ll never know what you might discover. - Jessica

Kirby was a very thoughtful, well trained guide. I was accidentally 30 minutes late (I was confused about the start time!) and she was super gracious about it. It didn't even really create a bump in the road for the ceremony. This session is wonderful if you don't know the Brighton area, because she tours you around stores in North Laine--all of which I went back to after the ceremony to soak in/drink tea/buy crystals--and tells you a bit about the area. The ceremony itself is in a sweet little yoga studio and feels very safe and relaxed. I am a certified crystal healer myself so I always love experiencing the different ways people lead me through ritual. We did a wonderful spirit guide journey and she had prepared a medicine wheel for me (which I had never had the chance to work with before!) It was a very informative session. Kirby is very good at reading the cards and guiding you emotionally & intellectually through the journey. After the ceremony, I loved cleansing the shadows into the sea, and spirit guide messages and symbols were popping up everywhere! It was very powerful and 10/10 would recommend! - Alden

I did not know what to expect exactly when I arrived, and I was really surprised and Good! Kirby is very kind and immediately put me in confidence. She explains everything very well and takes the time. The session was very intense for me but it was a unique experience and I totally recommend going for a try! I would do it very willingly the experience! Thanks again a thousand times for this moment! :) - Maroussia