In 2016 our family set out on a mission -

 To sail the world, soon. 

We're starting this mission from the very beginning though and taking you all along with us on our new YouTube series Sailing Soon

What to look forward to in this series? 

  • Moving our Family to the coast 
  • Saving For the Boat
  • Finding, Buying & Restoring the Sail Boat
  • Moving the Family into the Marina 
  • Learning to Sail (and the mistakes we will make!)
  • Planning our Trip Around the World 
  • Safety with Kids on Board 
  • Minimal Living on the Seas 
  • (hoping tropical) adventures 
  • And SO MUCH More...

Visit our YouTube for all the Episodes OR see all the Sailing Soon related blog posts HERE 

Boat & Crew Info COMING SOON!