Where do you guys currently live? Your posts seem to be from ALL over...

G and I originally lived in NYC, Brooklyn to be specific where G was born. We spent most of her first four years traveling though. After that we made a stop over in Los Angeles for just under a year and are finally settling into London via Wilson who's from Portugal originally but spent most of his adult life in the UK. PHEW, even reading that tires me out! Lots of moving has taken place in the recent years and we hope to be settled for sometime now.   

What does the G in Baby G stand for?

Georgiah - No that's not a typo. 

Will you feature my blog, product, or company as a sponsor? 

Why yes, if we dig what you're pitching. Check out our advertising page for further details. HERE

What kind of camera do you use? 

Depends on the photo if I took it the camera is a basic Cannon Rebel that I hardly know how to use. If Wilson (a skilled photographer) took the photo it's on a big super pro camera I'm afraid to even touch.

What do you do for a living Kirby? Why is Georgiah always traveling so much with you?

I use to own and run a record label. We worked directly with musicians and bands and it often took myself (and G) on the road. G’s been traveling with me since she was 2 months old. She was at every major US music conference before the age of one!

Now as of 2014 that's all behind me, I'm involved in various startup technology projects and taking my writing to the next level. All fresh and all new, exciting. 

I’m visiting Brooklyn/Red Hook where would you recommend visiting?  


Valentino Pier (next to Steves)

Jalopy Theater 

I see G wearing headphones at concerts where did you get them?

They are Peltor Ear Muffs and I cannot recommend them enough! G’s been to MANY loud shows and been perfectly happy with these on. A has-to-have for every concert going little.  

Who's Mark in your blog early on?  

Mark is my now ex-husband and G's bio father. While he was heavily part of our lives for the first year and a bit. He's now just part of G's life on occasion. Check out the posts from late 2011 on to read about that adventure. 

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