“We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.”
– Goethe

After a longggg career in the music industry, a very short stint in advertising, and MANY signs from the universe (kinda hitting me upside the head), it was time for a career change the Kirby Amour Shop was born!  With a singular goal of "doing what I love" I started showing up everyday for "work" on a collection of small but soul filling projects. This shop is a product of that passion. Simply put, I'm creating, collecting, and selling things I love here, things that have a meaning to me beyond looking pretty.


The "Believe in Good" collection are items that are not only good for the world but all profits from their sales also go to charity combining my two passions for beautiful design and philanthropy. Most of the collection share the message (which I live my life by) of my favorite Unitarian organization, New Unity, which is simply to: "Believe In Good".

While the BrookLON line (coming 2016) is a collection of artisan goods coming to London directly from Brooklyn makers. BK, my one time beloved home will always have a special place in my heart and I'm excited to bring these wonderful products (sometimes for the first time!) to Europe. 

I feel blessed everyday to be able to do the various things I love with the freedom and flexibility to raise my young family and share my passions with the world.